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Adventure Point
Adventure Tree Carousel5 Minutes
Elmer's Flying Jumbos10 Minutes
Room on the Broom - A Magical Journey10 Minutes
Tiny Truckers15 Minutes
Treetop HoppersClosed
Forbidden Kingdom
Croc Drop15 Minutes
Tomb Blaster10 Minutes
Land of the Dragons
Canopy Capers5 Minutes
Dragon's Fury60 Minutes
Dragon's Playhouse - Soft Play5 Minutes
Griffin's Galleon10 Minutes
Sea Dragons5 Minutes
Land of the Tiger
Tiger RockClosed
Rattlesnake20 Minutes
Scorpion ExpressClosed
Shipwreck Coast
Barrel Bail Out!5 Minutes
Blue Barnacle10 Minutes
Seastorm15 Minutes
Trawler Trouble5 Minutes
The Rainforest
Jungle Rangers10 Minutes
River Rafts15 Minutes
Wild Asia
Jungle BusClosed
KOBRA10 Minutes
Monkey Swinger10 Minutes
Temple of Mayhem5 Minutes
Tuk Tuk Turmoil5 Minutes
Wild Woods
The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure5 Minutes
Vampire60 Minutes
World of Jumanji
Mamba Strike5 Minutes
Mandrill MayhemClosed
Ostrich Stampede10 Minutes
AMAZU: Treetop Adventure5 Minutes
ZUFARI: Ride into Africa!20 Minutes