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Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure

Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure is a Premier Rides Intelligent Pedal Rail Ride that allows guests to take an overview over CBeebies Land and a tour around the area informing you of the rides and attractions you can experience in the area.

The Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure is a great place for families to begin their day at CBeebies Land. Wake up the sleeping bugs in the CBeebies bedroom and Get Set Go on this fun ride offering plenty of imaginative play. 

Travel high through the treetops in your own vehicle and take in a tip-top view of CBeebies Land.

The ride used to be The Squirrel Nutty Ride that lived in Storybook Land and originally opened in 1996, with the guests riding in a giant Acorn with a squirrel clinging onto the back.

The nut and squirrels were replaced in 2014 when CBeebies Land took over and the guests now ride in a purple vehicle with one of the CBeebies Bugs on the back.

When the ride first opened the vehicles had pedals so the guest could control the speed however these were later removed and made to be automated.