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Logger Leap Gone Or Returning?

Hits:3067 Thorpe Park 22-04-2017

Loggers Leap, is it returning or not? Thats the big question that is currently going across all of the theme park fan sites and the parks social media channels. If we had a pound for every time we overheard to a guest saying lets go do loggers leap o...

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Legoland Disabled Ride Access

Hits:820 Legoland Windsor 21-04-2017

Legoland Windsor and other Merlin theme parks have always had a disabled ride access system however Legoland have recently updated theres into the 21st century. Gone are bits of paper and in is a mobile version where guests can electronically track q...

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Police Called After Youths Climb Stealth & Colossus

Hits:7215 Thorpe Park 17-04-2017

Thorpe Park is no stranger to people trying to gain access to the park to urban explore. Over the years theres been a few photos of people illegally gaining access to the park and getting photos whilst up lift hill and urban exploring the park. Last ...

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Continued Technical Issues At Thorpe Park

Hits:1599 Thorpe Park 11-04-2017

The theme park season is fully underway at Thorpe Park with DBGT Rise Of The Demon now open. Or has it? It would appear a few rides at the park are still having a lot of issues. With slammer yet to open this year its not looking good, looking back at...

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Alton Towers Gardens Preserving The Heritage

Hits:597 Alton Towers 27-03-2017

Work to preserve the future of the gardens at Alton Towers continues again this year with the Pagoda Fountain now under scaffolding following maintenance on it starting last year. Its believed this will finish by the start of the next season. Two yea...

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TPG Live Returns For 2017 Season

Hits:1199 Site News 08-03-2017

Theme Park Guide Live is back for 2017! With a new look and some tweaks behind the scenes we’ve taken on your feedback and made changes. Kicking off the live updates we will be starting at Chessington for annual pass day and finishing at Alton Towers...

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