Paultons Park

Paultons Park

In July 2013 theme park guide headed back to a local attraction that we haven’t visited for a couple of years called Paultons Park. Paultons park features rides such as Magma new for 2012 and the 4D cinema showing the curse of skull rock new for this year. This year see’s the park start work on themed areas as all of the surrounding areas leading up to the attraction have got printed panels and 3D objects everywhere to create a old fashioned theme.

As well as the new attractions we we’re yet to ride we where greeted into the park by a new looking plaza / ticket booths. Last time we came to the park all of the ticket booths looked a little bit old however, the park have now started to re-theme the whole of the entrance plaza into what will be their 2014 development project and closed season work. As shown by the photos below the new ticket booth looks very modern and up to date, making everything look very sleek and professional. We’re un sure at how true this is but the tickets we received from the ticket booth courtesy of the press office were a lot larger than before and have a lot more graphics on them which is a good start if this is new?

Upon entering the park our phones and camera’s started to notify us of WIFI hot spots which is something Paulton’s Park had last time we visited however last visit it was only available in Peppa pig world not in multiple locations across the whole park. This year it seems the park have increased their WIFI coverage which is a good thing since the park has very little 3G network coverage but apart from this it would be the only bad thing about the park!

Unlike our usual theme parks the cost to get into the park is very reasonable when you look at the line up. Adults are charged at £22.50 per person with a family of four being £86 when you book one day in advance online, with no pay to ride attractions around the park that small amount of money allows your child you play on random fair ground rides which at Chessington, Thorpe Park or Alton Towers they would charge you £1 for a few minuets however at Paultons park all of the mini rides we could find where free!

Magma was new for 2012 and unfortunately we didn’t visit last year so here our short little review on the ride. The ride is themed around a volcano; during the queue line the ride has Jurassic park style dinosaurs in a few places to show the age of the volcano. Once seated the chamber / station starts to fill with smoke and your then pulled up into the air spinning and climbing 25 meters into the air! After reaching the top and being held for a little bit you’re then dropped under control so once your half way down your then pulled back up again where you then drop again and again and again! Overall the ride is very different to any other drop tower we’ve been on for a long time we would highly recommend this ride to anyone that comes to this park and this is coming from people that don’t normally do drop towers.

The new show street theatre at Paultons Park is a brand new 4D theatre room seating up to 150 guests as the curse of skull rock is played to visitors. In the pre show room there’s a 3D projected man that tells you some background history on the theatre saying that its really old and other important bits of information to the story line! Your have to go to the park and experience it your self to understand what really happens, however its really clever the user of projectors and 3D objects during the pre show making it almost look real. Then we have the main room where all of the magic happens the room might look a little bit small in the photos however this is a huge room with over 150 seating positions to choose from. Both of the times we watched the film we were still amassed at how 3D they managed to make the film; well worth a watch and a sit down with the family when your on park.

A couple of things we do have to say about Paultons Park is how friendly the staff are! Out of all of the theme park expenses’ we have had over the past few years we definitely have to place this one in the top 5, whenever there was a long queue at a food or shop outlet the staff kept on saying I’m really sorry for the wait which when you’ve been waiting for 5 minutes you don’t expect so a big thumbs up to all of the staff over at the park. Another thing we found hard to believe was how many benches there were all over the park, for guests that don’t want to ride the big rides this is perfect, as they might want to take a seat and relax whilst the rest of the family queue up. But it goes without saying that Paultons Park is the cleanest theme park I’ve ever been to during the whole day of being on park the bathrooms and the whole park was completely litter free something we don’t see very often at Merlin theme parks.

Ride down time is another thing we look at when we visit any park and once again Paultons Park are very good with maintenance, out off all of the rides in the park only 2 of the rides were down for the day one in Peppa pig world and the other being Kontiki which was open in the morning but then got closed due to on going technical problems. We only once saw a ride go offline for a moment then the maintenance team come within 5 minutes to reboot the ride where the ride was re operational instantly.

Overall our day out to Paultons Park was fantastic there are rides for the whole family from rollercoasters for the big kids to a splash zone for smaller ones who just want to cool off on a hot day. We would like to thank Paultons Park for the tickets into the park and we look forward to coming back latter in the year maybe if not then we shall be back next year to see this amazing new plaza.

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